What purse/backpack should I carry to class?

That’s a really important post here at my blog, people are always googling on what they should be carrying to classes. So here I’ll share with you guys what were my favorite choices during my university time. That post was originally in Portuguese and here you’ll be reading the translation:

At my uni it is pretty usual to see girls carrying expensive designer bags. That’s definetly not an opition form me! As an architecture student I always have lots of stuff to carry with me, sometimes I have to put my bag on the floor and many of the items I carry may rip or stain the fabric…


I took me a while but I  found the ideal bag, to be honest I have tree good choices that I love and usually take with me. But first, let me show you guys what I carry on my daily basis.

Coisas da bolsa! Acabou virando um What’s in my purse! College Edition hahahaha
  • Laptop Dell 17″
  • Plastic folder, notebook and a crossword book
  • Pencil case full of colorful pens <3
  • Card holder
  • Wallet – Armani Exchange
  • Lipstick
  • A little coin purse <3
  • Calculator 🙁
  • Car’s document, student ID and Pen Drive
  • Sunglasses
  • Mini nécessaire – with toiletries
  • Car keys
  • ouse Keys
  • Cellphone 🙂
Chaveirinhos! <3
Key holders! <3

Now the bags and packpack. You’ll find the notebook on the pictures to make it easier to imagine the sizes, ok?


That’s the one I use the most. I bought it last time in Orlando at the Kipling from the outlet and copletely fell in love with it! I know it’s silver and kind of metallic, but I don’t consider it to be flashy. It has the regular handle and the extendable one, also it has a lot of pockes inside and out. Excellent to keep small things such as keys of makeup! Also a few extra points for the waterproof fabric!

You guys have no idea of the amount of stuff I can carry here!

The next purses were used by me when I was working, so I had to wear something less casual.


That purse is from Uncle K and it’s also made of a waterproof fabric. I chose that brown-ish color so it wouldn’t look grimy. Those huge pocks on the outside are perfect to accommodate water bottles and my wallet. It’s handles are really resistant, even though I might carry some heavy stuff, it is still holding on perfectly.

On the inside it has that flower fabric, a few pockes and that elastic to make it easier to find the keys.


That colorful one is also from Orlando. It’s a Fossil tote with amazing colors I adore it. Also I love how strong the sewing work is! It’s a huge bag and on the inside it also has some pockets and a zipper closed one, perfect for important stuff. The negative point is that it has no zipper to close.



Last but not least, the kipling packback I love so much! I usually carry it on the days I have to have my laptop with me so it makes everything eaasier to use a backpack instead of purses! I like that it has a zipper zone only for the laptop and a bigger one for everything else, I believe it helps to protect it. The handles are so soft that even though it gets heavy, it won’t hurt my shoulders.

Laptop area

Well guys, that’s it! Some tips for those who area buying college supplies:

  • Always buy a big purse/backpack, sometimes you’ll need your hands!
  • Pay attention to the wuality of what you’re buying, it’s nice to get something that will last.

Now tell me, what’s you daily choise for college?


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